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Structured Finance available up to 90% of Overall Project Costs (Site+Development Costs)

Development & Refurbishment Loans from £50K to £50 Million (UK Projects Only)

Rates From 5% per annum , Loan Terms up to 36 Months

Acknowledged as the UK’s principal Development Finance Specialists we provide our own syndicated funds and underwrite with over 30 Active Lending Partners in the UK. We provide a first class professional service and deliver genuine and affordable property development finance for Residential and Commercial property projects throughout the UK .

Under certain circumstances where additional security is made available we can secure loans up to 100% for both the site purchase costs and the property development finance required.

Our advice is given freely so for a confidential and informal discussion on your property development finance requirements and same day ‘in principle’ terms please call our highly experienced team on 0845 838 1954, submit an online application. or request a call back.



  • Residential new build projects.
  • All property types including flats, apartments, semi’s and detached.
  • Residential refurbishment and major conversion projects.
  • Short Term Loans for minor property refurbishments and ‘makeovers’.
  • Bridging Finance For Auction Purchase
  • Commercial, Industrial, Office and mixed use developments.


FAQ’s :

Property Development Finance – Who can borrow ?

We provide Property Development Finance for experienced Builders and Property Developers and to those undertaking their first project with the contracted support of a recognised and registered builder. It will be necessary for all applicants to provide personal and business profiles and we will assist you with these as necessary. For an immediate discussion on your requirements and the funding options available please call us today 0845 838 1954 or submit an online application. or request that we call you back.

Property Development Finance – How much can you borrow?

We provide Property Development Loans from £50 K up to £50 Million. In general terms we can provide Senior Debt finance to cover up to 60% of the site acquisition costs ( or current value if the site is already owned ) and up to 100% of the development costs which is drawn down at pre-agreed project stages. As a general principle, the level of funding available will increase the greater the profitability of the project.

We also provide top up or so called ‘Mezzanine’ finance which allows additional funding to be advanced in addition to the ‘Senior Debt’ up to a maximum of 90% of the total project costs. For clients who can offer additional property as security we can often make up any shortfall of funds and we will be happy to discuss the broad range of alternative funding options available.

Property Development Finance -What other costs are involved ?

In all cases it is necessary for the project Gross Developed Value (GDV) and all development / construction costs to be independently assessed and verified prior to the loan facility being formally approved. Such valuations and professional services are at the expense of the borrower as are legal expenses.

Property Development Finance -What interest rate and fees will you pay?

This generally depends on the amount you wish to borrow but rates currently start from 7 % per annum and will generally be geared to the overall loan to GDV requirement. We offer loans from our own synidcated fund and also work with 30 other active lenders in the UK market. Our charter and committment is to secure you the most competitive finance package for your development project. Facility set fees are generally incidental to the overall project cost and we agree these at commencement of the project. Time and again the actual savings we achieve for our clients cover the project fees many times over.

How do I move forward to secure a formal offer of property development finance ?

As a starting point we need to get the basic information about you, your background and of course to the Development or Refurbishment project being undertaken. You can provide this to us either by completing our on-line enquiry or by calling our office as below and speaking to a member of our team. Our advice is free, impartial and entirely without obligation so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you would like to assess the best options for your Property Development Finance or Refurbishment Finance requirements call us on Office 0845 838 1954 Mobile 07730 065 192 , submit an online application. or request a call back. We look forward to working with you to successfully complete your project.